Winfrey’s next chapter

As you get older you get a little more conservative and a little less likely to change. New thoughts and fresh ideas are important to the business, especially a chocolate business. Jillian, Scott & Mark our next generation of company owners will bring just that to Winfrey’s. Plus, my children have so much more energy and it been exciting to watch.

Winfrey’s Fudge & Chocolates is still a family company with all three of Stuart and my children – Jillian, Scott and Mark – hard at work in the business. They are no strangers to their new positions as tri-owners of Winfrey’s. They have grown up with the aroma of chocolate wafting over their cribs as infants and taking family days off from school to help with the Christmas rush! When they talk about our chocolate business, it certainly doesn’t sound like “hard work”!

It sounds like excitement, fun and gratitude. Jillian says “she and her brothers are grateful for the sacrifices their parents made to start, maintain and grow Winfreys.”

At this difficult time during a global pandemic Winfreys has positioned itself to come back even stronger. Whatever the next chapter is, Winfrey’s will adhere to the core principles that have been the keys to their success including “making a very good product for a fair value that is manufactured in a responsible way.”