What is Penuchi Fudge?
Penuchi is made from a blend of brown and white sugar.The name is derived from the Mexican word for "raw sugar" or "brown sugar." It is famous in the New England states and considered a regional flavor.

What is Divinity Fudge?
Divinity Fudge is an old-fashioned fudge made from sugar and marshmallow frappe.

Is there salt water in our Salt Water Taffy?
No, the reason taffy is referred to as “salt-water" taffy is because it was originally made on the New Jersey shore.

How is Fudge different from Chocolate?
Fudge is a perfect blend of mostly sugar and cream. We add butter, chocolate and flavor. It is cooked to perfection over open flame gas stoves in copper kettles. Chocolate is cocoa butter, cocoa powder, milk, sugar and vanilla blended into a bar form that can be melted and reshaped. We use it to cover our delicious centers.

What is a Caramello?
A Caramello is a layer of our vanilla caramel and a layer of our fluffy nougatine enrobed in chocolate.

How long does fudge last?
Depending on the storage of fudge it will only last about 7 days. Fudge is like a loaf of fresh bread. When it is cut, the edges tend to dry out. We wrap our fudge in cellophane sheets to preserve the freshness. 

Can fudge be frozen?
Yes, we suggest it be put into a zip lock bag and put in the freezer immediately. Bring the fudge to room temperature before consuming.

How many pieces in a pound of fudge?
We cut our fudge into ¼ pound pieces. There are 4 pieces in a pound, 8 in two pounds and the pound or two-pound selection can be assorted.

Why don’t we ship on Fridays?
We ship Monday through Thursday to ensure freshness and avoid our fine confections sitting in a shipping warehouse for the weekend.

How much is the shipping and why isn't it included in the price?
We'd love to standardize the shipping, but it just isn't possible. Shipping not only varies by the weight, but also by the distance from the shop to your home. In warm months, chocolate must be insulated in Styrofoam containers with ice packs.