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Seriously Dark - Seriously Good Chocolate!

Chocolate is a food long regarded as magical, even supernatural, not to mention salubrious, today for its heart healthy properties, yesterday because of a solid medicinal reputation as well as an aphrodisiacal one. The thought of using Chocolate,…
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What's your favorite holiday song?

What is your favorite holiday song?Mine has for a long time been “And so this is Christmas” by John Lennon. In the chocolate retail business our year revolves around Christmas. The planning, the purchasing and the production all work together to h…
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North Shore Magazine -- "Readers' Choice"

The votes have been cast and the winner of the Best of North Shore Chocolate by Readers' Choice is Winfrey’s Fudge & Chocolates! We can’t be happier! Our loyal customers truly supported Winfrey’s with this remarkable demonstration of appr…
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