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Delicious for 40 years

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of our chocolate company. It also hails a new beginning for our family business. Our three children Jillian, Scott & Mark are now owners. It is with great confidence Stuart and I pass the baton.…
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Winfrey's Easter Bunnies are waiting

We have all of our Bunnies in a Row…The Tradition continues, Celebrate Easter with Winfrey’s ChocolatesApril 21,2019Easter Tradition: Upon awakening Easter Sunday morning, the children will hunt for the Easter basket left by the Easter Bunny. Then…
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Seriously Dark - Seriously Good Chocolate!

Chocolate is a food long regarded as magical, even supernatural, not to mention salubrious, today for its heart healthy properties, yesterday because of a solid medicinal reputation as well as an aphrodisiacal one. The thought of using Chocolate,…
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