Sea Salt Caramel Box

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Sea Salt Caramel Box 

Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolate Vanilla Caramels sprinkled with Sea Salt... one of our most popular assortments!

12 ounces

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2 Reviews

Chrissy Hardy 5th Jul 2020

Sea Salt Caramels

Winfrey’s caramel is the absolute best I’ve ever had!

Justin 3rd Jul 2020

Heaven in a box

Can it ever get any better? Not possible! The choice in the box is tough to deal with, every time until the last piece you can potentially choose between milk or dark. Really tough. I prefer.... BOTH OF THEM! I offer a full guarantee to all Winfrey's customers, if you don't like them, send them to me and I'll eat them!! Winfrey's Chocolates are just the best!!

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