What's your favorite holiday song?

What is your favorite holiday song?

Mine has for a long time been “And so this is Christmas” by John Lennon. In the chocolate retail business our year revolves around Christmas. The planning, the purchasing and the production all work together to help with the chaos during the month of December.At Winfrey’s we have the radios on in every room and by December first every station is tuned to holiday music. It is loud. The music’s volume is turned up to block the constant hum of machines churning out chocolate after chocolate.

As I speed down the hall with orders in hand “And so this is Christmas” plays on the radio…and I stop. I listen. The words speak to me. They ask me “what have you done another year over and a new one just begun.” I reflect over the year.

This year will be especially hard to look back for me. 40 years of planning, purchasing and producing for Christmas holiday. Stuart & I have passed the torch. Our three capable children will soon have to reflect. They will plan, and purchase and produce.

I don’t know what their favorite holiday song will be, but it will stop them. When they are in the middle of an order walking down the hall they will reflect.

And so Happy Christmas we hope you have fun let’s hope it’s a good one without any fears.

Love, Mom